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Quality assurance

Our products are superior for more reasons than one

Why choose ITAL Remedies


Many claim their products offer the finest quality, however most brands have just quickly acquired the most accessible product at the cheapest price from the one large scale supplier. In truth, the only difference between them is the label.


At ITAL Remedies, we have gone through the gruelling and time-intensive process of searching the world for the finest produce mother nature has to offer, focusing on:


  • Nutrient potency
  • Ethical and natural product processing
  • Taste


Our journey led us to the beautiful island of Jamaica, renowned for its music, herbal recreation and its athletes!


What makes Jamaican produce superior? The same reason that the best tasting and most expensive coffees originate from Jamaica. The Islands’ volcanic rock and climate naturally lends its minerals and nutrients to the agriculture without any chemical fertilisers or pesticides.

All Natural Vegan Non-GMO Dairy Free 100% Pure LionTrade

However, this alone is not enough. Our nutrient-rich products are further protected by being hand reaped, sun and shade dried and never boiled prior to grinding processes, which is why some of our products have a rough cut. We take care for our products to preserve their nutrients, right up until it reaches the pouch and can guarantee you won’t find our quality under any other label!


In a world where our food, drinks and even our air contains harmful chemicals and toxins, we bring you products that have been grown untouched by any chemical agents.


We at ITAL Remedies used the years of knowledge and experience from working in the health food industry to make sure we can undoubtedly stand behind a product we know is the best for our customers.


Our simple mission is to bring back the love!